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BoardEthics Program

Now, more than ever, your organization must act proactively to ensure it grows its full ethics-based potential.

  • Raise ethical awareness among Board members
  • Meet emergent requirements in matters of integrity 
  • Reduce the gap between stated values and reality
  • Ensure your ethical culture is sustainable 
  • Attract top talents with a strong ethical culture

The BoardEthics program:

  • qualitative program; it identifies Board member's ethical strenghts, weaknesses & challenges
  • An interactive approach; voting and discussions
  • Our Georamas will indicate your ethical positionning

 Areas of investigation:

  • Ethics (rule-based and value-based)
  • Mission, Vision & Values
  • The Board's and Board member's role

BoardEthics's criterias:

  • Practice
  • Comprehension
  • Communication

BoardEthics report:

  • Ethical pertinence analysis
  • Practice, Comprehension & Communication Analysis
  • Ethical Georamas for all areas of investigation
  • Global ethical positionning
  • Action plan

Our program is flexible and tailored to your organisation. 

Whether the goal is to initiate an ethics-based approach, to validate ethical initiatives already in place, or to position ethical sustainably within your organization, the BoardEthics program can be tailored to the specific context and structure of your organization.


BoardEthics program includes:


Ethical context analysis with a Board sub-commitee


Interative work session with the Board of directors


Presentation of the Ethikos report, including measures and action plan


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